Niedzica – Tartry Tour

On the way Home from Romania we decided to spend few more days in Niedzica -> beautiful city in Polish mountains. Then we took a ride around Tatry by the Czech and Polish side.


Romania 2015 July.

This is another great cut from our trip to Romania.

ROUTE -> Warsaw -> Oradea -> Transfergerasan -> Bucarest -> Konstanca -> Vama Veche -> Konstanca -> Bucarest ->Transalpina -> Kluz Napoka -> Niedzica -> Warsaw

This cut shows not only Romania part.

As always good job Tony.


Filmik Tonego z wycieczki do Austri 2014

No i mamy nowy zmontowany filmik z Austrii.

Tony good job.



Romania 2015 – first look at the road and costs

Here You Are,
This is first version of our trip plan. I’ve done this with Maurice.
We are looking for your comments:

Ciekawe opisy wycieczek motocyklowych

Wrzucam link do opisów wypraw motocyklowych.
Może coś z tego będzie inspiracją.

here you have some description of bike trips to Romania and other europien countries.
It’s in Polish but I’m sure you can understand.
I’m sure we have to go to Romania next year.